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Introducing the Bloom North D&I Committee

Introducing the Bloom North D&I committee

We’re excited to announce this month we’ve launched our Diversity & Inclusion committee. Our ambition is to have a lasting and evolving impact on equality, diversity and inclusion practices across the advertising, media, creative and tech industry in the North of England.

How will we get there?

We have created a ‘sub-committee’ to sit alongside the wider Bloom North committee. The group of 12 people, all representing different organisations in the industry, have buy-in from senior leadership to apply the time to learn, review and share learnings back into their organisation, with the ultimate ambition of each organisation embedding positive changes into the employee experience.

Launching in October and running into 2023, the committee have kicked things off by participating in digital training courses with The Other Box, a leading and award-winning UK based EdTech company, founded by Leyya Sattar, Roshni Goyate and Sima Kumar.

Co-founder and CEO of The Other Box Sima Kumar says “Bloom North has set themselves up for success by committing to three of our digital courses, teaching the value of allyship, gaining awareness of unconscious biases and expanding on inclusive language and how to use it in everyday life.

We’re excited to know the network will become more confident and empowered to create a sense of belonging, spend their privilege to elevate others and expand their understanding of the ever-changing landscape of diversity, equity and inclusion. With the creative industries at the centre of influence, this education will create a ripple effect of positive change in the industry and beyond. At The Other Box, we believe these are the key ingredients to move towards a world that makes space for difference and leads with love”

The training with The Other Box provides the foundation for what will come next - sharing collective learnings, experiences, and ultimately disrupting the industry.

Our training sponsors, MiQ are thrilled to be on board too; “As long-term supporters, participants and sponsors of Bloom UK, we’re delighted to support and participate in Bloom North’s most ambitious project yet. In collaboration with The Other Box and Bloom North, we’ll be working to advise on the strategic direction of the D&I committee and help establish future ambitions.

We’re excited to drive collective industry responsibility, connection and growth within D&I. We can’t wait to see the everyday actions that will follow” says Freddie Turner, Managing Director, UK at MiQ.

Watch this space for more in 2023

Following a 6-month period of training, in Spring 2023, the committee will share their experiences, learnings and the outcomes for the organisations they work at in a public forum, so watch this space.

Who are the key people involved at Bloom North?

The committee is co-led by Bloom North members, Jennie Geagea, Outreach & Marketing Director at Brixton Finishing School and Stephen Bullivant, Business Director at Teads.

Final words from Bloom North President, Sadie Teasdale; Bloom North are extremely excited to be launching this D&I committee as equality across the industry embodies everything we stand for as an organisation. I’m personally looking forward to hearing the output and learnings from the committee as well as seeing the changes within companies themselves. I’d like to thank all participants within the training programme, their employers for embracing this initiative and finally MiQ, without whom this wouldn’t have been possible”


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