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Together we are Bloom North

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to ensure women have equal opportunity in the communications industry, by harnessing the power of their real voices. We strive to spearhead industry change, futureproof women’s careers and pay it forward for the next generation.

Our Commitment

We can’t prevent life’s challenges, but we can keep growing through them. As individuals we continue to demonstrate resilience through adversity, and we aim to bring our connections together to support and lift each other up and use our collective power as a force for change.

Our 2021

We will deliver our 2021 program with thoughtful consideration of what our connections need whilst challenging the industry’s gendered bias through initiatives, advocacy, awareness, and debate.

Meet the Committee

Sadie headshot.jpg

Sadie Teasdale


Group Head at Blis

Sadie stumbled into media via a graduate role at Conde Nast in London - which she didn't realise was a sales job until shown her phone and a list of companies to start pitching to. A whirlwind tour of various broadsheet newspapers followed with Sadie now leading the Blis office in the regions.

Supporting women around her is a huge focus for Sadie - not only paying it forward by lifting younger members of the community up but also just being there for a cup of coffee, a walk and a chat.


Taking on the role of President at Bloom North cements everything Sadie stands for and she can't wait to start changing conversations, being inspired by Paula and the amazing Bloom committee members and working with all our connections to better the industry for everyone.

Paula Norris  .png

Paula Norris

Vice President

Regional Managing Partner at Captify

After 18+ years in the media industry both agency and sales side Paula has been inspired by many women in senior positions, but also her peers. She feels incredibly proud to call some of the women she has met along the way really close friends and always uses them as a force of inspiration when she finds life tough.

Paula led the mentoring programme alongside Helen last year and enjoyed every second. Bringing like-minded women together who can support and build each other up across both sides of the mentoring relationship has been a joy to watch.

With covid and remote working having such a big impact on the industry and specifically more junior member’s of the industry, 2022 felt like the right year to take a step up and take the helm of VP. Developing Bloom North as a charity to be more accessible to a wider audience and focussing on a strategy for the year which helps to fill the void of direct interaction with female leadership that the last 2 years has presented.

Paula and Sadie go way back, having worked together over 13 years ago.  Sadie definitely sits in and amongst one of those inspirational women that Paula’s career has been impacted by and she couldn’t think of a better ally to work alongside.

Caroline Beadle Pic.jpg

Caroline Beadle


Marketing Manager at Sky

Caroline joined Sky and the media industry nearly 10 years ago and in that time has gained an extensive skill set in events – from internal Town Halls to content showcases with 1000+ attendees.


With her relevant experience and having recently moved ‘back up North’, Caroline was very keen to join the network of amazing women and is committed to building events that truly benefit our connectors. Along with the events team, Caroline is excited to be a part of Bloom North for 2022 and looks forward to seeing you at an event soon!

Lisa Thompson.jpg

Lisa Thompson


Planning Director at Wavemaker North

Lisa has worked in the media industry at Wavemaker for almost 11 years. Lisa was really drawn to being an active member of the Bloom North committee in 2021 as she is hugely passionate about Diversity & Inclusion, an interest she unearthed completing her IPA Excellence diploma.


Lisa really wants to pay it forward and helping organise training events allows her to do that. For her, it was also about being actively involved in a group that champions and empowers women not just in 2021 and beyond.

Nicola Lynch.jpg

Nicola Lynch


Business Development Director at

Nicola has spent the last twenty years as a media professional (aside from a brief hiatus as COO of a letting agency!) working in radio, publishing and now in podcasting and audio strategy.  Moving from Ireland to Manchester via a decade in London one of the things that most impressed her on arrival in Manchester was the collaborative spirit amongst the media community. 


Helping to foster that spirit to develop a supportive network like Bloom North which provides such an open and honest forum to discuss, inspire, learn and connect with others when Bloom North first launched in 2018 was a real privilege.


Nicola is really looking forward to bringing a programme of workshops to the Bloom North connections over the course of 2022.  She believes the workshops offer a great opportunity not only to learn and develop practical skills and tips which can be implemented immediately but also a great forum to learn from each other and forge stronger connections.


Alice Banks

Social & Marketing

Account Director at Social Chain

Alice is an Account Director at Global Social Media Agency, Social Chain. After being introduced to Bloom North in 2021, she was so inspired by all of the incredible initiatives there to support and empower people within the media and communications industry.


So when she was asked to join the committee in 2022, she jumped at the chance. Alice is delighted to be a part of such an amazing organisation, and can’t wait to work alongside the wider team to deliver the programme for 2022.


Leading the Social and Marketing Team, Alice’s ambitions for the year include, keeping the wonderful Bloom North connections up-to-date on all of the 2022 events, workshops and initiatives.


She will also continue to deliver inspiring content from panellists and industry leaders to ensure that we continue to empower and support our connections in 2022 and beyond.

Laura walters.jpg

Laura Walters


Board Director at The Candidate

Laura is the Board Director at The Candidate, the leading Recruitment Agency in the North West.


Laura is very familiar with the media landscape in the north having previously worked in a media sales role for 10 years covering a variety of disciplines including digital, ad tech and print. During her 8 years in recruitment, Laura has been recognised as Recruitment Consultant of the year, spoken at many industry events and is a key figure in her field. Laura has a wide-reaching network and is trusted by key industry figures, she knows a thing or two about growing a thriving network.


Laura truly hopes that her blended career and experience within the industry can expand Bloom’s reach whilst allowing her to offer support and advice from her perspective to the community. 


Laura has been an ambassador of Bloom north since day one, believing in the power of collective thinking and shared experiences. Laura wants others to feel the benefit from the energy and inspiration that Bloom offers and she is honoured and excited to be a part of the Bloom north evolution moving into 2022!


Helen Lee


Client Partner Lead at Microsoft

Helen re-located to the North 2 years ago and getting involved in Bloom felt like a great opportunity to grow her Northern network and put her Bloom London experience to good use.


Prior to this she worked in London for over 24 years and has experience across Magazines, Radio, Newspapers, Brand Management, TV, however, spent the last 15 years within Digital gaining specialism in mobile; native; video; social and content marketing. In her own words ‘I love the industry I work in and I am passionate about improving it too!’

She became a member of Bloom UK in 2019 and as a consequence committed to mentoring people in the industry and was also part of the Bloom exchange program pilot, mentoring senior men within the industry.

Having experienced a plethora of life’s challenges, which she is happy to share, Helen hopes to enable others through difficult situations be it work related or otherwise.

Lucy Gugas.jpg

Lucy Gugas

Bloom Walks

Commercial Publisher of Woman & Home

Partnership Director of Mariet Claire, MyImperfectLife, Fit&Well

With over twenty years in the media industry Lucy is committed to supporting women via mentoring and skill sharing. She is driven by inspiring women to join this incredible industry and educating the younger generation about the multitude of opportunities it has to offer.


Lucy has been a part of Bloom North since it launched in 2018 and has seen first hand how collaborative and open the network is. The event program, mentoring scheme and thought leadership are best in class in the regions.


The Bloom Walks are a brilliant new addition for the 2022 calendar.  With Sadie and Paula at the helm Lucy is excited to be a part of Bloom North's 2022 progression

pippa nixon shoot 20.jpeg

Pippa Nixon


Managing Director at Scoop PR & Marketing

Pippa joins the Bloom North committee in 2022 to lead the PR & comms strategy, and amplify the work the committee is doing, communicating with a wider audience. Pippa’s role is to ensure Bloom’s work is seen by the wider business community, and to help to build the profile of the team in the North.


Pippa also leads Scoop, a PR & Marketing agency based in Manchester. With over a decade PR & Marketing experience and a background working in marketing teams at Global Radio & the BBC. 


She works closely with her clients and team to deliver multi-channel PR & marketing campaigns, playing an active role in the planning and execution of each, and acting as a consultant to her team and clients.


Danielle Bromley


Danielle spent over 20 years working in media sales across a variety of disciplines including Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, digital and ad tech. Within that time Danielle launched and ran her own independent sales house for 5 years, representing several London based publishers.

After a life changing event in 2018 which resulted in an enforced break from work, Danielle decided to launch a new business venture. Her love of business and helping others to grow and develop theirs lead to the launch of Danielle Bromley Business Development in February 2021.

Danielle has taken on many voluntary roles over the years and jumped to the chance to be part of Bloom North as Head of Sponsorship. 

The team of women who are involved are incredible. Their drive & commitment to making a difference is inspiring. Danielle is passionate about helping young women to achieve their potential and is keen that everyone has access to the support they need to develop.


Hannah Campbell


Senior Director at Brazil Street & Women's Coach

After a decade in the media industry, and several years coaching women, Hannah has become well known amongst her peers for being outspoken about diversity and equality.

 Hannah is passionate about having difficult conversations, carving out space for unheard voices, and giving work communities the tools needed to grow and evolve their mindsets and practices. Her recent experience of pregnancy and motherhood has only supercharged her desire to help women achieve their full potential.

Since writing for Campaign in 2018 about how the industry can do more to become more inclusive and create equal opportunities, she feels progress has been frustratingly slow. Hannah felt compelled to join Bloom’s committee after enjoying being an active attendee for the last few years. Bloom has always been an inspirational and motivating network to be part of, and Hannah wanted to contribute with her passion and enthusiasm through content creation in 2022.


 Outside of work Hannah runs a coaching business for women. She also spends lots of time in the countryside with her young children, dogs and husband.

Lindsey Jones headshot.jpg

Lindsey Jones


Finance Director at

As an accountant, Lindsey worked predominantly across travel and leisure before taking on a role in digital 4 years ago. She was introduced to Bloom North by a friend and jumped at the chance to join the 2022 committee as Treasurer. 


She is excited to play a part in driving change for women in business and honoured to sit alongside a truly amazing bunch of women!


Outside of the office, Lindsey is fuelled by caffeine and kept busy with her 2 little ones Freya, Finn and dog Clover. She spends as much time as possible outdoors trying to tire out all 3!

26 other women give their time and energy to ensure we create a vibrant and engaging network:
Kally Boshnakova, Sarah Fleming, Caroline McKee, Phoebe Bates, Natalie Green, Grace Teer, Gillian Roberts, Emma Clarey, Ellie Ghee, Megan Connell,  Olivia Waite, Caitlin Peden, Ella Roberts, Holly Hall, Laura Barker, Lucy Crompton, Sarah Levy, Roxanne Parker, Jess Maloney, Olivia Longworth, Jennie Dean, Abby Littler, Danielle Hewitt, Gemma Inglis, Izzy Cheung, Rebecca Hickson


Supported by our Trustees Nicole O'Shea, Danielle Sewell, Michelle Vint, Ffion Turner, Viv Woodward and Laura Sanderson

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