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There are many ways you can get involved with the Bloom North network:

Mixer Sessions

For the full community. Come along to listen, learn and discuss key topics of the industry.


Smaller, more tailored sessions. These look to create learning sessions for specific industry skills.

Ikigai Sessions

All about positive growth. These focus on the softer skills that are critical to surviving in the crazy paced world of modern work.

Bloom Walks

Connecting with the network whilst also boosting wellbeing and resilience. Our walks are a chance to connect, breathe, walk and recharge.

Have a look at our upcoming events and come along to join us! 

Upcoming Events
Fri, Apr 24
Tatton Park
Bloom North Walks: Tatton Park
A chance to walk, connect with other members of the Bloom community and recharge.
Thu, May 14
Wavemaker North
Ikigai: It's all in your head
The most complex system in the universe is the human brain. Yet we spend very little time learning about how it works. This session explores the complexity of our brains and how we can use it's full power to reach our full potential.
Thu, Jun 25
Wavemaker North
Ikigai: Trust - the foundation of everything
Few of us work in isolation. Our performance at work depends on how well we work with other people. Trust is the essential foundation on which team performance, collaboration and creativity build.
Thu, Jul 09
Wavemaker North
Ikigai: We're not robots
We are experiencing a frenzied and largely futile effort to keep up with insatiable, unending demand. This session examines the human need to pulse, embrace sleep, and tackle the burn-out culture that hinders rather than helps our productive capacity.