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Bloom North President and Vice President: Reflecting On a Brilliant Year So Far…

It’s been a busy year so far in the world of Bloom North – with walks, fundraising, events and talks galore! As we head into the final quarters of the year, Hannah caught up with Lisa and Rach to learn a little more about what they’ve loved so far as leaders of Bloom North. We also find out a little bit about future plans and what to expect from the last few months of 2023…

What have you loved most about leading the Bloom North committee so far?

Lisa: I love being able to experience seeing each of the committee leads coming up with and creating great things whether that be workshops, events of matching mentors. It’s also been amazing to work with my partner in crime Rach and launching our strategy.

Rach: Working with a team of incredible women who bring so much passion to their roles and are committed to making positive change in the industry. Working alongside Lisa has been great! We've been committed to a joint vision and I've loved our endless stream of voice notes!

What has been your biggest highlight so far?

Lisa: seeing everyone come together and love our big bloom walks is always a highlight as you go away feeling really revitalised, launching a podcast and the great feedback we hear about Bloom North from our community on our events and what we are trying to achieve.

Rach: launching The Blooming North podcast has been a dream come true, the team behind it and the guests so far have been amazing. As a big fan of the outdoors, I’ve loved the Bloom Walks where we’ve been able to break away from our day to day to connect with nature and each other!

What are your three focuses or priorities for the rest of your tenure?

Lisa: we have some events coming up that are a little bit different that should really help us level up women, we’ve been working on developing a playbook in an area that is super relevant for women now, and smashing our mustard tree target of £5,000.

Rach: to smash our £5k annual target for Mustard Tree, introduce some male voices/allies into the conversation and continue to grow the podcast!

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