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Workshops at Bloom North

At Bloom North we are committed to inspiring and empowering everyone in the communication industry to succeed.

To do this we have designed a training programme for 2022 that allows attendees to gain the skills required to succeed, providing tools, and tackling barriers that enable women to  make this happen for themselves but also to pay it forward to their teams. Throughout the year we will be facilitating sessions with a carefully curated group of training providers covering topics such as profile raising, confidence and career progression.  We also aim to launch Morning motivation events this year, an opportunity to start the day on a positive note with a supportive group of Bloom North connections.


Our aim is to ensure this training is accessible to everyone, no matter the level or employment status. We are committed to keeping the costs as low as we possibly can. To help make this happen we are working to secure sponsors who can partner with us to help make this happen.

We also know that as well as skills, being able to self-promote is crucial. We want to pay it forward and to do this  Bloom North Committee will host regular #IamRemarkable sessions for free which will allow our connections to feel confident in pushing their careers forward..


If you would like to know more or suggest relevant training please contact Nicola Lynch (

If you would like to sponsor a training course please contact Danielle Bromley (

Our Workshops

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