Bloom North Community Mentoring

We're passionate about fuelling personal growth throughout the Bloom North network.

With so much experience and inspiration within the community, we want to ensure everyone has access to the help, support and guidance they need to thrive.

The Bloom North Mentoring team (Emma, Josie and Lisa) will make these connections happen.

Everyone in Bloom North can apply to be a mentor or a mentee (and we’d love it if you all do!).

The only reason we are going to use an ‘application process’ (in the loosest use of the word possible!) is that in our experience, for a mentor partnership to be of real value, both parties need to be fully committed.


The mentee needs to come into the partnership with a specific area they would value some support in, and the mentor can be carefully selected to ensure they have the relevant experience and advice to share.

There will be two ‘Connect Me’ moments each year:

A fresh spring clean

March 2020
September 2020

A new school year, new start

Each mentoring partnership will last 6 months before the next ‘Connect Me’ moment happens and we can all chuck our names back into the hat and make fresh connections.

(Obviously, if both people are loving the existing mentoring relationship, they can continue to meet up forever more!) 

The window for applications for March 2020 connections is open now. To apply you simply have to send us an email to


If you would like to apply to be a mentor, you simply need to email and tell us:

  • 5 areas in which you can offer advice and  support.

  • Your current place of work and role.

  • Your time in the industry.

  • How many hours a month you can commit.

  • How many people you are willing to mentor in the 6-month window.


If you would like to apply to be mentored, you simply need to tell us the area in which you’d like some mentoring support.

This could be a very defined goal you want help  achieving or it could be something more personal and less measurable.

There is no right or wrong, we simply want to connect you to someone who has relevant advice to share. (

Also tell us who you are, where you work, how many years’ experience you have).

Here are our 5 areas to give you inspiration for yours:

Emma Slater

Balancing friendships and management in work

Women in a male environment

Taking on a senior role at a ‘young age’

Balancing family and work / making the flexible working work for you and the business

Stepping back and Looking at the bigger picture

Josie  Saville

Creativity and idea generation

Strategic planning 

Taking career ‘risks’

Helping people be the best version of themselves

Building confidence and positivity in others

Lisa Bhatti

Good listener

Enthusiastic about the industry and talent we have

Skilled at identifying, setting, planning and meeting personal and professional goals

Good at building trust

Provides balance and constructive feedback

Get in touch for more information or to apply -

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