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Bloom Network Discount: 4and20Million Open Courses

After a successful Young Bloomers event on March 2nd one of our panellists Dan is offering out his expertise to the wider Bloom network, whether you're new to the industry or if you've been around for years there is something 4 in 20 million can offer to elevate you in your career.

4and20Million: Totally scalable training for career-boosting skills

We all have our own unique development areas and specific skills we want to fine tune to help us to really thrive. Yet unless these priorities are shared with lots of our colleagues, it can be difficult to arrange training courses and shared learning.

To address this, 4and20Million are offering Bloom member organisations discounted access to their open courses, with no minimum booking commitment.

So whether you want to book one person on their 'Boss to Coach' module, or two people on a presenting and public speaking course, they will accommodate any number of participants on any number of modules.

Full information on each of their courses can be found at

They cover:

  • Building self-awareness - including building rapport and collaborating with others

  • Compelling storytelling - crafting compelling narratives and great presentations

  • Presenting with confidence - engaging your audience with authentic confidence

  • From boss to coach - effectively managing others

  • Enabling high performance - delivering effective feedback and creating a positive team environment

  • Utilising emotional intelligence - understanding emotional triggers and managing reactions

  • Boosting personal productivity - achieving more with the time you have

  • Avoiding burnout - creating healthy boundaries

  • Setting & achieving goals - set, achieve and measure meaningful objectives

Structure: Each involves a half-day, in-person group session.

Bloom discount: Places cost £225 + vat per person (10% Bloom discount applied)

How do I sign-up? Individual, team and company enquiries welcome.

Whatever your needs, contact who'll be happy to provide more information.

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