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A Day in the Life: Anna Clarke

My day begins...

No two days are the same as we all get used to working in an agile way. Some mornings I’m up at the crack of dawn making packed lunches, packing football boots and locating school shoes before beginning a day working from home.

On other days I am on the train and into the Talon Manchester office to spend the day working alongside the team. A luxury which we probably won’t take for granted again.

A typical day...

My days are very meeting heavy, mostly online. Whether it’s updating one of our agency partners on how busy the out of home market is, or an internal catch up with our Data and Technology team with updates on our Atlas programmatic system.

Although we’re based in Manchester, our agency reach is across the country so I’m often hot-desking with our agencies in Leeds or Edinburgh, or sitting with our Manchester agencies. Getting back in to see our clients face to face has been fantastic this year and I definitely thrive on spending time with people – it’s one of the greatest parts of my role and I’m lucky enough to work with a great many interesting people.

The way that OOH is traded and the ability to target behaviours rather than demographics has majorly changed my role, so developing my digital understanding and speaking to performance teams and agencies is a new part of my day to day.

Each day I am motivated by...

My role is incredibly varied which is what keeps me motivated. There are always opportunities in OOH as the industry evolves at pace, and Talon’s ambition gives me room to grow the Manchester office and my own skills.

When I moved from London 8 years ago to set up the Talon team outside of London I was on my own and wondering where on earth to begin! Support from the team around me, the great agencies we work with and the media owners outside of London have helped us to grow and keep growing.

I try to end the day in time to spend time with my two boys. Working for home a couple of days allows me to take them to their sports sessions or for us to have dinner together. I can catch up on work around that time if needed but I’m precious about my early evenings.


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