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Introducing the 2023 Bloom North President & Vice President

It’s safe to say that 2022 was a brilliant year for Bloom North and 2023 is going to be no different. As we move into a new year, the helm is passed over into new hands.

So, we caught up with new President Lisa Thompson and Vice President Rachael Cochrane on what we can expect from Bloom this year and their ambitions in their new roles within the Bloom North team.

Lisa and Rachael, thank you for joining us! We’d love to know what your highlight was from last year?

Rachael: The panel events & Bloom walks were highlights for me. I left each event feeling empowered, inspired and ready to attack the day. I loved the Bloom Walks too as I’m a lover of the great outdoors. My favourite was the mindful walk with Kerry King where we found a space in the forest to practise breath work & yoga.

Lisa: Last year I spent my Bloom time chatting and finding event panellists. I loved learning about some fantastic, inspiring women, but I also adored their generosity with their time and views. It showed me the power in girl squads. I left every event feeling truly uplifted.

The event panellists were amazing! Who would be your dream Bloom panellist, and why?

Lisa: Katherine Ryan. I have recently finished her book The Audacity, and I love how unafraid she is to share her opinion and raise issues that impact women in a funny, impactful way. I feel like she would make everyone laugh but think simultaneously. Also then I could make friends with her, go for wine and borrow her fabulous outfits.

Rachael: Jameela Jamil. In a social media world of constant comparison and edited photos, I admire her activism in encouraging girls to show up as the real version of themselves & promoting healthy body image.

They both sound like they’d bring a lot to the table. So, with your new roles within Bloom, what do you hope to bring?

Rachael: An open-minded attitude where we can frame the year based on needs and wants of the women in our network, a fresh approach to our social and comms strategy, and an appetite to get stuck in so we can build on the great progressions the team made last year.

Lisa: To build on the fantastic foundations built in previous years. I hope to take this to the next level by driving some change in the industry and making women feel truly able to propel their careers and not be scared to use their voices.

It sounds like you’re going to make such a difference in your leadership roles. As members of Bloom, what should we look out for this year?

Rachael: An exciting events calendar, elevating our Young Bloomers, the launch of a new platform for conversation and a huge focus on supporting our chosen charity.

Lisa: A fascinating charity partnership, initiatives that help level up women, and some twists on some Bloom favourites.

Thank you both for your time. 2023 sounds like it’s going to be jam packed with brilliant events, some great opportunities for learning and lots of new perspectives. We can’t wait!


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