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#IamRemarkable workshops with Ffion Turner at Bloom North

Ffion is a brilliant member of the Bloom team, and facilitates #IamRemarkable workshops. As a brilliant initiative, she shares a few words on why she chose to get involved.

Back in 2019, before I went on mat leave, I took part in an #IamRemarkable session that was hosted for Bloom North. I was so inspired and motivated at the end of the session that I signed up to become a facilitator and since April 2020 have ran 25 workshops.

The initiative motivates participants to promote themselves in front of peers and management. This initiative was born out of Google’s 80/20 program and they started this initiative to promote diversity in the workplace ensuring that everyone finds their voice and boosts their confidence to speak up. The initiative was so successful at Google that they decided to roll it out globally for free.

At the heart of the #IamRemarkable initiative lies a 90 min workshop, divided into three parts:

  1. Data and research regarding self-promotion and unconscious biases

  2. Main exercises to help participants articulate their achievements and practice self-promotion

  3. Discussion and take home exercises

As of December 2021, there have been over 300k people have participated in these workshops across 150+ countries.

As a result of the workshop (3 months after)

  • 49% experienced job/career growth

  • 82% feel more confident

  • 89% are self-promoting more often

Keep an eye on our workshop page, the Bloom North newsletter and our social media channels to be kept updated with the latest news on workshops and training sessions.

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