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Bloom Spotlight: Lindsey Cook

We are shining the spotlight on Lindsey Cook who recently hung up her hat after 26 years as Managing Director at Amplifi, DAN North. A well-known and respected figure in the industry, Lindsey shares with us the inspiring moments that shaped her career to date. Joining the world of media at just 17 years of age, Lindsey talks of her eagerness to learn and embrace opportunity, as well as pinpointing the ability to adapt to an ever-evolving environment as key to her success.


What do you most admire in a colleague?

Ability to work collaboratively; teams are really important, in a fast-paced media market you cannot know everything. It is important that you trust your colleagues, you have the same desire to delivering excellence, working together to solve problems and a will to succeed. Two heads are better than one and so on...

What moment in your life most helped in shaping your career?

I cannot pinpoint one specific moment. I joined the industry as a secretary and did not really know what an independent advertising agency was at the time, I was only 17! What I do remember were the opportunities if you worked hard. I was eager to learn and embrace this exciting industry that I had just discovered, I felt like I had won the lottery, well Littlewoods Pools back in those days. I loved the buzz the energy, and I wanted to succeed. I kept pushing myself, kept asking questions and every time I was given a campaign to buy, I was determined to negotiate hard and to improve historic rates & therefore performance for the client and the team. I didn’t set my sights on a big role or to move agency or to join a media owner. I kept working hard, I believe hard work and determination help to guide your career.

The industry is vastly different today however I believe my ability to adapt, learn and embrace change have continued to play an important role in my continued success / or in continuing to achieve my aspirations.

Which women do you look to in life to help guide you?

There are so many, colleagues, friends, mum friends, my late mum. I admire women who have succeeded against adversity. When unsure about how to handle a situation, I often canvas thoughts and opinions before deciding on course of action.

What advice would you give your 20 year old self?

Believe in my abilities.

Be patient.

Listen & take on board constructive criticism.

Don’t send an email in anger, write it but re-read an hour or so later, you will always amend it or perhaps not send at all.

Ask for help, don’t worry about what you don’t know – it's not a sign of weakness.

Finally, don’t be persuaded to stay for one last drink at 2am in the morning, it’s never the last, it actually means you will get home at 5am, 3 hours sleep before a day in the office – which is then the longest day ever – but we’ve all been there!


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