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Bloom North Profile: Natalie Marshall Foxwell

What do you most admire in a colleague?

I’ve always admired those who can care deeply about what they do, whilst retaining a healthy sense of perspective, particularly in the tougher moments. The things I really value in the people I work with are integrity, competence, and a good sense of humour. That, and the ability to make a decent cup of tea. An underrated life skill. The answer is Yorkshire Tea, strongly brewed, with a good dose of milk and half a sugar. Always use a kettle. Commercial water boilers are a crime against tea.

What moment in your life most helped in shaping your career?

It was a very early one. My dad once took me into London where he worked. I was about 7 or 8 years old and had grown up in the sticks in Surrey. Getting off the train at Waterloo and walking into the station, I remember being completely awestruck by this bigger, incredibly exciting world that I never knew existed. I knew immediately I wanted to be part of it in some way when I got older. Seeing what is possible as a child has a huge impact.

Which women do you look to in life to help guide you?

I have two sisters who are incredibly supportive and very inspiring in different ways. Both brilliant sounding boards. I’ve also built a strong network within the industry and really felt the benefit of that in recent years, particularly since becoming a mother and taking on more senior roles. Knowing there are other women who you can talk to openly about the realities of it all and they just ‘get it’.

What advice would you give your twenty-year-old self?

Your life circumstances and career path are going to change a lot over the years. Don’t try to figure everything out on your own. People are generally very happy to give their time and words of wisdom. And whatever path you choose, always surround yourself with people you trust and can learn a lot from. This is often more critical to your growth and your enjoyment of work than the actual role you’re doing.


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