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Bloom North 2022 Wrap Up

2022 has been a brilliant year for Bloom North. Our community has grown, all of our events have been sell out occasions with a flurry of guests sharing their positive experiences afterwards. Whilst we’re excited to see where 2023 takes us, what better way to end the year that to catch up with current President and Vice President on their big highlights from this year.

Sadie and Paula, it’s safe to say that this you’ve empowered the whole community to think big, be bold and contribute to their fullest. What were you expecting to get out of you role at Bloom this year, and how has this been different?

Sadie: This year has been an absolute whirlwind and I am so pleased, proud and amazed of everything we've achieved as a Bloom North team. One of the main things I wanted to highlight about Bloom was how supportive the network was and use that power for good - act as the hype person for anyone who does brilliant things and really welcome anyone new into the community.

I didn't expect it to be so rewarding or to meet so many brilliant people - people that I

know will be my 'friend-tors' for the rest of my career (I hope). Big shout out to Paula, who I learn new things from all the time - I couldn't think of anyone else I would have liked to have worked with throughout the year.

Paula: Our main mission for this year was to grow the Bloom connections and spread the Bloom magic further. Bloom North is relatively new, with a couple of years impacted by covid.

We really wanted to make sure we could have an impact on a wider audience. Naively starting our tenure we thought Bloom was largely about the panel events. Don't get me wrong, the events are a large part of what we do and are definitely the focal point.

However, Bloom is so much more. I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved this year, launching a lot of new initiatives and building on a lot of previous ones. Bloom Walks became a regular mainstay, Young Bloomers, Our separate D&I sub committee (undertaking professional training), two sub parenting committees, a charity pilates session, amazing workshops to name just a few. It's been incredibly heartwarming to witness the impact that Bloom has on the whole industry and truly incredible to see the support we have received from all of our peers. I also have to mention the whole Bloom committee who have taught me so much.

They are a bunch of the most remarkable, committed, inspirational women. They work tirelessly behind the scenes (with little recognition) to pull everything together and make Bloom North what it is today. Each individual has their own super power and I could not be more grateful for their support this year.

We definitely agree that the Bloom magic has blossomed wider this year! You two have been a great guiding force in making that happen. Thinking about the events we’ve run this year, what are the biggest lessons you've taken away?

Sadie: One of the main things is that women are fantastic. And not just the panellists that bare their souls for us all, but the brilliant audience for asking questions, engaging with the themes and taking it all away to input into their own lives. I still have people coming up to me saying how one thing that got mentioned in one of the events has now become their guiding light for their career - that's why I love Bloom.

Paula: I would say collectively the events have taught me to speak out for what I believe in, to always be my authentic self and to be that woman who fixes another woman's crown without telling her it was crooked.

Tell us more! Who has been your favourite panel speaking this year and why?

Sadie: I took such different messages from each event - including the Young bloomer panels, Let's Talk About as well as our flagship discussions, which means I am really struggling to pick a favourite!

I loved the energy of Emma Jackson at our last event but then all panellists across our last Young Bloomers (Nish Quayum and Phoebe Bates) and the plethora of inspiring women from Let's Talk About as they really moved out of their comfort zones and discussed topics really close to their hearts - for quite a few, this was their first time public speaking and we were pretty honoured they agreed to do it for us.

Paula: Wow, that's a tough one. Favourite panel speaker / host has to be Jackie Adedeji for being so unapologetically her. So good we had her back twice! I do also have to mention our Let's Talk About event. This featured some extremely sensitive subject matters from panelists across the industry who we all know and love. To take to the stage and talk about something so emotive was extremely brave and the feeling of support in the room was overwhelming.

I feel extremely proud that we raised some of the issues to a wider audience and we are hoping to continue a series of mini events next year.

Absolutely, there was definitely some brilliant role models in our speakers this year, especially those new to public speaking! So tell us, how will you both keep contributing to Bloom moving forward?

Sadie: I really want to take mentoring to a new level and have a couple of ideas to explore. I can't wait to see the new initiatives that Rach and Lisa launch and will be supporting them as much as I can.

Paula: I will be remaining a permanent fixture as part of the committee. Continuing in

the parenting committee group and hopefully getting involved in the events from the

panel side of things. I can't wait to see Lisa and Rachael bloom and both Sadie and I

will be there to support them in 2023

That sounds so exciting! On behalf of everyone in the committee this year – thank you to you both – we all appreciate your hard work and leadership.

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