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A Day in the Life: Lyla Penman

It all starts...

I’m WFH so my husband gets up at 7 and sends our dog Arnie up for cuddles whilst he gets ready to leave for his office. I get up at 7:30 and walk Arnie before making coffee and showering ready to start work. I’ll usually catch up on emails and write a to do list with breakfast before my morning team meeting which always sets me up for the day.

On a typical day...

A lot of my day is spent in meetings (now virtually) – I have a new role at the Co-op creating and managing a customer focused calendar of D&I events so there’s lots of collaborating with new stakeholders and sharing the work I’m doing.

I work hard to make sure I don’t let working from home become living at work and so I always take my breaks and fully shut off at the end of the day.

I got into my career by...

I came to the Co-op after having them as a client when I worked agency side – I loved the culture and values and made an effort to keep an eye out for relevant roles there as I knew it was a business I wanted to work in.

An example of how important networking and maintaining professional relationships is – I definitely believe having good contacts there gave me the edge when applying!

The positives I have taken over the last 12 months...

Realising how easily I get FOMO and having the time to work on making sure it didn’t control my life was life changing for me – lockdown made me realise that I actually enjoy a slower way of life and saying no to social events if all you really want to do is some gardening is more than ok.

I had a tough 2020 mentally but having the time to work through the challenges also made me realise how resilient and strong I actually am.

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