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A Day in the Life: Laura Bamber

It all starts…

Very differently every single day depending on what body / mind / soul needs that day! I used to be very prescriptive with my morning routine but as I’ve started to trust myself more, I flow and trust my inner guidance. Generally every morning involves 1. Movement, 2. Nature and 3. Stillness but this could be anything from my (very long) joy list - wild swimming, yoga, journaling, paddle boarding, weight lifting, tree hugging, meditation, sex, a cuppa down by my local lake, a walk with a pal, a tea ceremony…

My only rule these days is to check in with myself first thing in the morning - a few deep breaths, hand on my heart and listening deeply to what my soul wants. And then I let joy lead the way!

On a typical day…

I tend to task block my days i.e. I do not mix tasks requiring different parts of my brain on the same day. This has evolved a lot since setting up the business but this way of working seems to work best for me!

My Wednesdays and Thursdays are client delivery days - these are either working one to one with my private clients OR delivering workshops into the workplaces of our business partners. This requires me to be in a very strong and present state of mind - holding space for my coaching clients and responding to their needs and challenges.

Tuesday is my favourite day of the week - this is my creative and personal development day! I let myself really flow! I will focus on creating new programmes / workshops / offerings for the business and I will carve out at least 2 hours for my own learning. One of my core values is personal growth and so I protect this time with my life!

Mondays and Fridays are always meeting free and will be admin days (client follow ups, proposal writing etc), business development and planning / strategy days. Katy (my biz partner) and I always get together on a Friday afternoon to review the week, plan the week ahead and also use this time to make progress on any upcoming projects we have.

I never take meetings before 11am as I like to start my days gently and on my terms! I am also really good at sprinkling pleasure throughout my day - lots of dog walks, visits to local coffee shops, garden breaks, dance / music breaks, and generally time away from my laptop! I work my best when I am feeling lit up and joyful and so this is now an essential part of my business strategy!

I got into my career by....

Working out what was important to me, what success looked like for me and following my passions. It did not start with a business idea, it started with choosing myself and the rest gently fell into place.

I was working in finance - extremely driven, high achieving and ambitious. I was also exhausted and although I was not unhappy, there was a deeper sense of unfulfillment. I knew something had to shift. I knew there was more to life. I started to see a coach whilst I was living in Sydney and the world started opening up before my eyes - I reconnected to the parts of myself that had been abandoned on my mad scramble up the corporate ladder!

Over the next 10 years, I started to get clear on what success looked like for me and I started to make decisions driven by joy as opposed to trying to meet external expectations / gaining validation. I started to listen to my soul. It changed my life and I started to see how the women around me seemed to be stuck in the same patterns that I once was.

After making epic changes in my own world, I realised I needed to share and teach all the stuff I had worked out - to pave the way for a new style of leadership. How we can work differently and still be successful. How we can lean more into our feminine essence as opposed to abandoning parts of ourselves to fit into masculine dominant cultures. How we can create more time and space and reconnect back to our sense of fun and joy.

The positives I have taken over the past 12 months...

Oooooh, so many. More space to challenge some of the lingering belief structures that I was holding onto - that in order to have more I had to do more. The last 12 months has proved to me that I can have more financial success and DO LESS!

I invested heavily in myself with coaching and mentoring over the last 12 months and this has been such a joy. It has given me new insight and perspectives to take my business and clients to a new level.

My eyes have been opened further to the beauty of nature that is all around me...I have fallen in love with the UK countryside, I have taken up wild, cold water swimming, I have found new walks and found solace in the company of flowers and trees!

I gained further clarity on who I want to spend my time with and how I want to spend it! Some friendships have fallen away and some have deepened beyond my wildest dreams. I have fewer but stronger relationships than ever before and it feels bloody fantastic!


Laura Bamber is Co-Founder of The Vibrancy Hub - a business focused on supporting women to become more of themselves so they can stand in their power and make a beautiful impact on the world.

Laura specialises in leadership coaching - paving the way for a new style of leadership so that business landscapes can start to shift.

She runs a 12 month intimate and immersive container for female leaders - to collectively build the courage to stand in the truest essence of themselves, to soften into divine feminine leadership and to stop negotiating with themselves and their joy to achieve success. For more info on this contact


IG: @thevibrancyhub


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