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A Day in the Life — Jennie Dean

We explore a day in the life of Jennie Dean, founder of Intuition, a company which focuses on creative and innovative approaches to wellbeing in the workplace. After a successful 10 years working within the media industry, Jennie took the bold move to pivot the direction of her career into the field of wellbeing consultancy, as well as taking on a new role in Diversity and Inclusion. We loved reading about Jennie’s morning ritual, how she manages her various ventures and the positive impact of finding space in her day to practice yoga and meditation.


It all starts...

With a 6am(ish) alarm and a cup of tea. I try not to pick up my phone for the first couple of hours of the day but I’ll grab it for a walk before breakfast and I'll listen to a podcast or music. During lockdown I’ve loved chatting to friends during a morning walk too - a good old fashioned phone conversation.

On a typical day...

I’ll catch up on how my day looks across both Intuition and with Brixton Finishing School, if it's a day of working on both I try and time block which helps with productivity!

For Intuition, I’ll check in with my content plan for the channels I use, then I might create and share some posts or write a blog article. I’ll probably also have a call with a workplace wellbeing client to chat through a programme, share more about my workshops or work up a proposal for a prospective client on what their approach to wellbeing could look like.

For Brixton Finishing School, there’ll be a couple of calls with existing or prospective partners for the Outreach work I do, which is all about getting the word out there and more young people into the AD-Cademy experience.

If I’m teaching a yoga class that evening, I’ll plan the sequence and create the playlist, which I love to do. During Covid and having more time at home, I’ll probably go for another walk and try and practice some yoga and meditation myself too, which doesn't happen every day but when it does it's lovely and helps with feeling calm and motivated.

I got into my career by...

Really wanting to work at McCann! As a teenager, I’d drive past their offices and I’d always wanted to work there. So, when I’d been to uni, I worked in another job for about a year and then went travelling. I came back and applied to McCann and started in the digital team in 2010, it was a great start to my media career. After that, I had a great six years in London with Zenith. I made the move back up north in 2019, and two years later I’m slowly (thanks Covid!) getting my wellbeing business off the ground. I work with some media companies today with my wellbeing workshops and programmes, and have happily just come back into the industry by working with Brixton Finishing School too.

The positives I have taken over the last 12 months...

Slowing down and appreciating the simple things. I’ve loved exploring the UK more too, taking a positive out of not being able to travel abroad, which I’d always usually jump at the chance to do!


Founder, Intuition:

I offer workplace wellbeing workshops including the most popular during these work-from-home times; ‘Digital Wellbeing’, create bespoke wellbeing programmes through my consultancy offering, and host regular yoga and meditation classes with both studios and private workplace clients.

All Bloom North members can enjoy 10% discount on wellbeing workshops, just contact me to book.

Instagram: @withintuition

Outreach Director, North West - The AD-Cademy by Brixton Finishing School:

I work with Brixton Finishing School on Outreach for the North West and the launch of AD-Cademy; a nationwide, free gateway to the Marketing/Ad/Digital Industries open to all under-represented 18-25s. Our graduates have access to roles at multiple partners upon graduation and go through week long ‘AD-Celerate’ employability bootcamps.

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