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A Day in the Life: Izzy Cheung

It all starts….

At 7am. I really hate rushing in the mornings, so I get up and then spend 30-45 mins having my breakfast, usually with a book and generally just slowly waking up and mentally preparing for the day! I don’t need to get up as early as I do because it doesn’t take me long to get ready, but I like the time to myself in the morning. I’ve stuck to this even during COVID and working from home, but it means I get more time before starting work as I don’t have the commute.

On a typical day….

Pre-COVID I think most people would say I was running around the office a lot! Because of my role in client leadership, I have to speak to a lot of teams and I much prefer having a quick 5 min catch up face to face than just dashing off an impersonal email. When we moved to working from home, I struggled a lot not being able to do this and it’s one of the things I’m looking forward to the most when returning to the office!

I got into my career by…

As with most people, by accident! After graduation, I fell into a sales side role at a digital media owner. My clients were mostly agencies and I decided I’d rather do what they were doing and relocated to Manchester where I’ve been since. I’ve mostly worked at agencies, but I also had a stint client side and I think all these roles mean I have a really clear understanding of the industry.

The positives I have taken over the last 12 months…

I really appreciate the little things. I have missed the bigger things like holidays and parties but it’s the day-to-day things I miss the most e.g., commuting, crowds, hugging my friends. The positive I’m taking from this experience is that when things are back to normal, I’m going to appreciate everything so much more and I think that’s no bad thing.


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