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A Day in the Life: Gemma Inglis

In my day job I…

Work as a media manager for PHD which involves everything from managing client relationships to campaign planning and general account management. Getting to work across the whole campaign process and multiple media channels is something I really relish as there’s always something new to learn, and I love the personal aspect of my job in that I get to build relationships with both clients and media owners.

My role in Bloom North...

Alongside my fellow co-head Lisa, we are responsible for organising the yearly schedule of training and inspiration workshops that are run for our Bloom North members.

Our process begins by designing the years schedule based on feedback from members, as well ensuring we’re aligned with Bloom’s values and including anything we’re particularly passionate about.

We then approach businesses that we think would be best suited to help us deliver the workshops, and finally we look for sponsors who can help make our events as accessible as possible as this is a key priority for us this year.

Aside from running the core workshops we also run and organise smaller sessions such as the #IamRemarkable workshops with Google, and of course regularly work alongside the wider Bloom Committee to help drive our larger goals and objectives for the year.

I got involved in Bloom because...

I am extremely passionate about elevating and celebrating women in media and as such Bloom’s manifesto really resonated with me. The fact that we have a network like Bloom in the North as an accessible resource for the media community is something that I think is truly amazing.

As someone who is still relatively early on in their media career, I also really appreciate the fact that Bloom North is open to all ages and seniorities, as it’s allowed me to access a varied and experienced group of peers from whom I can learn from and lean on.

I’m so proud to say that I’ve been a part of Bloom for two years now and can’t wait to continue to contribute towards its onward legacy.



I know it’s a bit of a cardinal sin but I’ve still not found the podcast to get me really hooked, instead I tend to flit between reading or listening to music in my free time.


A Little Life is the book that has stayed with me ever since I’ve read it. It’s the story of four young friends who move to New York and as you follow them over the course of their lives it hones in on one of them in particular, Jude. It’s a harrowing read but one that is well worth it and it’s the one book that I recommend to everyone I know.

TV Series:

Ted Lasso is my current obsession, as someone who has a minimal interest in football it’s the characters and heart at the core of the show which really sucks you in, football fan or not. It’s the perfect thing to watch when you want an quick, easy, pick me up.

To clear my head:

I go to the cinema quite a lot as there’s something about sitting in a dark room for 90 minutes and being fully immersed in another world that I really enjoy. As someone who struggles quite a lot in terms of switching off it’s the one thing that works every time.

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