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In times of division, we need to stand closer together. We are a professional network of women in the communications sector committed to uniting the voices and the opportunities that make change possible.


We’ll challenge the gendered stereotypes that prevent a truly diverse industry through our events, debates, and public panels.


Through our network, mentorships, and workshops, we’ll create the opportunities needed to expand the narrowness of our industry.


To be truly equal we need to break down our conditioned reluctance to speak up on behalf of ourselves and our peers.


We invite anyone who shares the vision of gender equality to connect with us to  spearhead change that empowers women to be whoever they want to be.

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Today we are an emergent diverse network of industry voices.


Tomorrow we break the barriers that stand between being silenced and being heard.


We ask the awkward questions, we challenge the status quo, we tell real stories.


Together we are Bloom North.

Our Events, Panels, and Workshops

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